What is Tucasa? We offer a unique shopping experience that gives you access to curated home decor and products through our website and live sessions via the Tucasa app.

What kind of items do you sell? We sell unique, curated, high-quality home decor and products. Our merchants and hosts are experts at finding hidden gems that are both functional and beautiful. These are things you won’t find anywhere else!

How do I shop live? Our Tucasa app allows you to shop directly from live streams using our secure checkout and easy shipping. Download the app to join live streams, view exclusive content, and watch recorded sessions, or add your upcoming streams with your favorite hosts to the calendar.

Where do you find stores to shop from? Our experienced team of merchants, stylists, and influencers scout cities around the US to find the most unique and coveted home boutiques. To recommend a store, please contact us here: support@tucasa.live

Are items brand new? All items are brand new. 

Where do you ship? We currently ship within the domestic United States. Shipping rates are calculated upon checkout and are usually processed within 2 business days and shipped within 5-7 business days. 

How do I purchase from your livestreams? You can purchase on our mobile app, via web on our tucasa.live store, or via our Instagram store @tucasa.live.

Who are your hosts? Our hosts are experienced stylists and tastemakers from across the country. Tune in and get to know each of them!

When do you have your live shopping events? We go live several times a week on the Tucasa app. Download the app and follow us on Instagram to stay updated on all of the upcoming events and live srteams!

What is your return policy? Items sold in our store are non-returnable unless specifically designated. Click here to learn more details about our refund policy.

  • Do you have an app? Yes! Download our free app here to join our community of tastemakers and get exclusive access to premium products, insider tips, and Q&A via LIVE video.
  • Can I become a tastemaker? We’re open to adding more tastemakers to our community! If you think you’d be a good fit, reach out to us at support@tucasa.live
  • How can I contact you? Reach out to support@tucasa.live

  • Where do I send feedback? Email us at feedback@tucasa.live