Tucasa Referral Program Terms

Updated on October 18, 2021 

  1. Individuals who use the Tucasa.live mobile app or other authorized digital properties/applications superficially approved by Tucasa (“Tucasa”), may opt to participate in a promotion designed to reward such individuals (“Participants”) in the event that they refer others to join or use the Tucasa.live app and/or engage in different activities via the app (“Tucasa Referral Program”, “Program”), all in accordance with the terms listed herein (“Terms”). 

    The Terms are meant to supplement and not replace other terms, conditions or policies governing the use of the software and/or services offered by Tucasa, its parent company, subsidiaries or affiliates.

  2. Referral terms:

    1. Participants may share a referral link and/or code that will be made available by Tucasa (“Referral Code”, “Code”) with one or more individuals that they would like to invite to use Tucasa (“Invitees”). Invitees may use the Code to install the Tucasa app and sign up as a user of the app. The Code could apply manually or automatically, as made available by Tucasa.

      For every Invitee who makes a first eligible purchase via the Tucasa mobile app, the Participant will receive a one time coupon code at a value of $20 USD (“Coupon”), that the Participant may use as credit for eligible purchases that the Participant can make via the Tucasa app. The Coupon will be provided only for the first eligible purchase made by the Invitee.

    2. Participants may not use misleading, deceptive, unlawful or unethical means or conduct to share or promote their Codes with Invitees.

    3. The Codes may only be used by and apply to Invitees that have not previously used or signed up as users of the Tucasa app or services. 

    4. A purchase on the Tucasa app, by an Invitee or a Participant, would be considered eligible in case the total purchase amount (excluding taxes, fees, shipping and other costs) is greater than $100 USD.

    5. Only one Coupon may be used at a time, each Coupon may only be used once, Coupons are not stackable and may not be used together or in combination with other codes, promotions, credits or discounts. Coupons may have an expiration date and if not used prior to such date in accordance with the Terms, such Coupons may lose their value and will not be renewed or replaced.

    6. Invitees are required to abide by Tucasa’s standard policies as any other user of the Tucasa mobile app or other digital properties/applications.Invitees may opt to join the Program, and in such case, the Terms will apply to them as Participants as well.

    7. For the sake of demonstration only, the following is an example of how participation in the program could potentially work: 
      In the event that the Participant Jane opted to share a code with her friend John (who has not used the Tucasa app in the past) and John signed up to the Tucasa app and used it to make a purchase of a product that cost $105 USD, John will receive $20 of Coupon that could be applied towards such purchase (therefore reducing the pay to $85) and Jane will receive a $20 Coupon that could be applied towards a future purchase on the tucasa app, in case such purchase is greater than $100.

  3. Participation in the Program is optional. Participants must be at least 18 years of age or older, legal residents of the USA (50 US states and District of Columbia) and legally eligible to participate in the Program according to their local laws and regulations.

  4. A violation of the Terms (or a reasonable suspicion of such violation), may result in the Participant’s suspension or removal from the Program, and/or other applicable measures including but not limited to: cancelation, termination or freeze of Program credit, all at Tucasa’s sole discretion.

    Tucasa may terminate, suspend or change the Program or the Terms at any time, at its sole discretion, for any reason and without prior notice. 


  5. For any questions or concerns please contact us at: support@tucasa.live.